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(inorganic chemistry)
M2SO3 A salt of sulfurous acid, for example, sodium sulfite, Na2SO3.



any of several salts of sulfurous acid, H2SO3. Two series of sulfites exist: the normal sulfites, with the general formula M2SO3, and the acid sulfites, or hydrogen sulfites, with the general formula MHSO3, where M is a monovalent metal. Normal sulfites—with the exception of the sulfites of alkali metals and ammonium sulfite—are sparingly soluble in water. They dissolve in the presence of SO2. Among the acid sulfites, only those of the alkali metals have been isolated in the free state.

Sulfites in aqueous solution are characterized by oxidation to sulfates and reduction to the thiosulfates, M2S2O3. Sulfites are obtained by the reaction of SO2 with hydroxides or carbonates of the corresponding metals in an aqueous medium. The hydrogen sulfites are more frequently used, and their applications are in the textile industry for dyeing and printing (KHSO3 and NaHSO3), in the paper industry for the production of wood pulp [Ca(HSO3)2], in photography, and in organic synthesis.

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Joe Krebs, Director of Protein Chemistry for Bioo Scientific: "The MaxSignal Sulfite Assay Kit is the latest addition to Bioo Scientific's existing line of enzymatic assays for the detection of additives and adulteration in food and feed samples.
Although the sulfite ion (S[0.sub.3 sup.-]) can bind with oxygen, there is very litle sulfite ion present in solution at the pH range found in wine (see Figure I).
Sulfite oxidase has cofactors of molybdenum, pyridoxine, cobalamine, and other influences.
There do not seem to be any tests that will effectively demonstrate a sulfite sensitivity.
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The dimethyl sulfite, DMC, and DMMP in fact all have minimal viscosity compared with the epoxy resin.
PG Kuala Madu 4,000 1982 Treatment Jan/Feb with sulfite 2.
While trace amounts of sulfites occur naturally in wines during the fermentation process, most producers add more, later in the winemaking process, to prolong shelf life.
Based on a study, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined that one percent of the population, primarily asthmatics, showed signs of sulfite sensitivity at 100 ppm.
* convinced the government to ban potentially lethal sulfite preservatives in fresh fruits and vegetables and to advise pregnant women not to consume caffeine;
The guide offers an overview of Dow Corning's range of silicone antifoams for use in sulfite and kraft pulp stock washing.
Sodium sulfite is used as a preservative in foods and as an antioxidant in alcoholic beverages.