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Any of a group of esterases that catalyze the hydrolysis of sulfuric esters.



(or sulfohydrolase), any one of several enzymes belonging to the class of hydrolases. Sulfatases catalyze the decomposition of sulfuric esters, with the release of a free sulfation. They are widespread in animals, plants, and microorganisms.

The known sulfatases act on various substrates. Aryl sulfatases hydrolyze aromatic sulfuric esters, glycosulfatases hydrolyze sulfuric esters of monosaccharides and disaccharides, chondrosulfatases decompose chondroitinsulfuric acid, sterol sulfatases hydrolyze steroid sulfuric esters, and cellulose sulfatases split the sulfo group from cellulose polysulfates. Aryl sulfatases have been studied in the greatest detail.

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Contributing factors in PUBS include female gender, debilitation, constipation, chronic catheterization, alkaline urine, chronic kidney disease, and colonization or infection with bacteria producing phosphatase or sulphatase enzymes.
Gram negative bacteria producing sulphatase and phosphatase are important in the pathogenesis of PUBs (7,8).
In vivo inhibition of oestrone sulphatase and dehydroepiandrosterone sulphatase by oestrone-3-O-sulphamate.
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A genetic defect has been identified in the N-acetyl-galactosamine-6-sulphate sulphatase (GALNS gene) in Morquio's syndrome type IVA or beta-galactosidase (GLB1 gene) in Morquio's syndrome type IVB.
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Her 14-year-old son Pavan has Multiple Sulphatase Deficiency; a rare genetic condition that seriously affects his mobility and speech.
Inhibition of steroid sulphatase by estrone-3-O-sulphamate led to a shift of the minimum effective concentration of PS against AMPA cytotoxicity from 30 to 10 microm.
Tibolone is also a sulphatase inhibitor, blocking conversion of oestrone sulphate to oestrone, as well as stimulating local sulphotransferase activity.
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acid phosphatase, cathepsin, ribonuclease and aryl sulphatase in leprosy tissues.
Identification of mycobacterial isolate at species level was done by growth rate, morphology of colonies and standard biochemical tests like catalase, nitrate reduction, Tween 80 hydrolysis, aryl sulphatase, growth on L-J medium containing 5 per cent NaCl, MacConkey agar and pigment production tests as per the manual of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta (4).