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summative (or objective-oriented) evaluation

a retrospective review of how well an project or organization has performed (either after the programme has been completed or at set time intervals), enabling summary statements and judgements to be made. This approach often utilizes criteria against which achievements can be compared, e.g. an organization's performance can be measured against its aims and objectives, by measuring inputs and outputs, by using PERFORMANCE INDICATORS, comparing a similar organization or contrasting benefits accrued to beneficiaries with a control group. Summative or objective-oriented evaluation can be subdivided into ‘process evaluation’, which examines the use of inputs (such as time and money); and ‘outcome evaluation’, which considers the effectiveness of the outcome. See EVALUATION and FORMATIVE EVALUATION.
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Formative assessment has been likened to a checkup at the doctor's office, where summative assessment (such as a final examination) is more like an autopsy, At a checkup a patient can have a conversation about what is and isn't going well, and the doctor can suggest changes to diet, medications, and lifestyle that can take effect before it is too late.
Formative assessment provides feedback to the students and teachers over the course of instruction.4 Formative assessment is a systemic intervention that is administered during the academic session in a relaxing non-threatening environment to improve the learning and achievements of the students in various ways; by making the students aware of the gap between their existing and expected knowledge levels, by familiarizing them with the end of session summative assessment, and by guiding them to improve their learning process and skills.5
Ppoor results by students in summative assessment show that there were no proper formative assessments during studies in the entire academic session and then directly a summative assessment.
This peer-marked summative assessment of professional behaviours in medical students is designed in context of a developing country like Pakistan where assessment methods of professional competencies do not include assessment of professional behaviour as a separate component in summative examinations.
Summative assessment is taken at the end of session and it is used for decision making process because it provides comprehensive information about whole session what teacher have taught and what students have learned during whole session (Wojtczak, 2002).
However, as stated in the CMSA message, colleagues have raised serious concerns about the utility of WBA for high-stakes summative assessment purposes, indicating that assessment tasks in the real world are unpredictable and inherently unstandardised, and therefore will not be equivalent across different hospitals and universities.
The summative assessment is carried out by the concerned universities.
The total daily time-pressured quiz, homework, and portfolio scores were considered the formative assessment while the final departmental examination score is the summative assessment.
by Times News Service Out of 188 students who appeared for the Summative Assessment, 49 scored a perfect 10 CGPA adding yet another feather to the crowning glory of ISD.
It details six questions for considering whether digital work is suitable for a task and applies them to the example of iPad word-fluency apps; contends that the use of digital tools needs to progress to increasing sophistication; and shows how digital work can be used for formative and summative assessment, in terms of rubrics, digital portfolios, online feedback, and amplified revising.
In this empirical study, teacher reported knowledge, use, preparation, and importance of higher-level thinking summative assessment questions were analyzed.
"Since the introduction of CCE scheme for classes IX and X, CBSE has given the option for students to take either the board-conducted or the school-conducted examination for the second summative assessment (SA2), which is given 40 marks," the IISJ said.