summative evaluation

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summative (or objective-oriented) evaluation

a retrospective review of how well an project or organization has performed (either after the programme has been completed or at set time intervals), enabling summary statements and judgements to be made. This approach often utilizes criteria against which achievements can be compared, e.g. an organization's performance can be measured against its aims and objectives, by measuring inputs and outputs, by using PERFORMANCE INDICATORS, comparing a similar organization or contrasting benefits accrued to beneficiaries with a control group. Summative or objective-oriented evaluation can be subdivided into ‘process evaluation’, which examines the use of inputs (such as time and money); and ‘outcome evaluation’, which considers the effectiveness of the outcome. See EVALUATION and FORMATIVE EVALUATION.
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One argument is; why stakeholders wait till the end of the program to conduct summative evaluation.
A comprehensive review of summative evaluation in museums and galleries produced the "Evaluating Evaluation" report, a document with an extremely useful list of recommendations to improve its impact.
At this stage of the research, we decided to carry out a summative evaluation of the system to enrich the observations made by the authors, to be able to gain insight into the system's potential use and future opportunities for this kind of system, and to analyze the issues that should be taken into account when implementing corresponding systems.
The act came into force in 2006 and, according to the AADNC summative evaluation, the act "can be viewed as supporting capacity development along the governance continuum, which may ultimately lead to comprehensive self-government arrangements.
These competitions are often used as a form of summative evaluation.
Layng et al (2006) go on to describe a 3 X 3 matrix that illustrates the relation between evidence types found in both formative and summative evaluation, and the results of their intersection.
To be effective, preceptors must have an evaluation framework and appropriate tools that include formative and summative evaluation.
Summative evaluation emphasizes end of unit appraisal.
As with formative research, the summative evaluation of Panwapa's impact took place across countries that were diverse in their cultures and languages.
The impact of reform instruction on student mathematics achievement; an example of a summative evaluation of a standards-based curriculum.
In this article, the importance of effective program evaluation is highlighted, limitations of current evaluation models are identified, and a draft evaluation framework that facilitates tracking long-term impacts of career and employment services is applied to critique a government-commissioned summative evaluation report.