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Nor, indeed, would you have thought him to be a lover of other horses if seeing him at summer grass, persistently chasing Kauto Star around a field without ever quite managing to catch him.
In summer grass pollens are the commonest irritant, tree pollens early in the season and mould spores later in the year can also trigger a reaction.
Here, Sargent portrays nude soldiers relaxing in the long summer grass after bathing.
And, when some of the better jumpers, formerly trained by Aidan O'Brien, return from summer grass, the Swan string is likely to be boosted further.
Summer grass and weeds are usually by now pretty well spent and will not aggressively grow through the mulch.
Ignore his run in the Irish National, which was an odd move when he may well have been going back to Ireland for summer grass anyway.
But a proper spring lamb is born in the spring, fattens itself up on sweet summer grass and its mother's milk, and comes to table in the autumn.
In high meadows, cow-bells rang out as the herds chomped the sweet summer grass.
AS YOU can imagine, we are all thrilled to have Monet's Garden back home at Greystoke and hope very much he can soon be out in a field picking at summer grass and enjoying his retirement.
Farmers wanting to make a profit from their beef cattle this season are being urged to make the most of their summer grass.
When the final pointer heads out to summer grass Britain's 14 area secretaries remain at their posts for planning ahead, arranging meetings at local level, attending national get-togethers and conveying changes within the sport to individual fixture secretaries.

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