summer piece

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fireboard, chimney board, summer piece

A board or shutter-like device to close the opening of a fireplace when not in use.
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Now that we've covered some easy ways to make your summer pieces work for the transitional months, let's talk about my favorite trends for fall and how I plan to work them into my sewing plan.
Borrowing elements from the classic sailor look with a splash of imagination, the brand has created an extensive range of classic summer pieces for party and casual wear, for any kind of weather.
Stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones says: "It's too mild to shed your summer pieces and fully embrace your winter wardrobe.
Other favourites from the new summer pieces is the White Collection that features a range that is crisp and fresh, the perfect spring clean for your wardrobe.
Sherif's curiosity to create and present interesting pieces for the contemporary and artistically conscious woman also extends to some of the clothing lines she carries; she often collaborates with an Indian designer based in Goa for light summer pieces.
Also find rich tones of purple, green and khaki, with splashes of bright colour that bring a level of sophistication to all of these casual summer pieces.
The range includes a variety of brightly-coloured summer pieces, eveningwear and chic tailoring.
But there's a quick and easy way to give tired high summer pieces an instant boost - with statement jewellery.
Michelle said: "Suzanne has great style and she's the perfect ambassador for our new summer pieces.
I swapped all my clothes around recently so the winter ones are under the bed and summer pieces are in my wardrobe," she says.
And, while most summer pieces seem to be designed solely for people living in the southern hemisphere, at least you stand a good chance of being able to wear the winter looks without freezing to death.

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