summer stone

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summer, 4: S
1. A horizontal beam supporting the ends of floor joists or resting on posts and supporting the wall above; also called a summertree.
2. Any large timber or beam which serves as a bearing surface.
3. The lintel of a door or window; a breastsummer.
4. A stone laid on a column and serving as a support for construction above, as in the construction of an arch.
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Summer Stone had bought letterpress equipment for his studio, and Stephen Harvard, after doing research at the Plantin-Moretus museum of printing in Antwerp, became a book-designer at the Stinehour Press where books were still being printed from metal type.
When John Warnock and Charles Geschke hired Summer Stone in 1984 to head Adobe's type development program, they were probably not aware that he was a product of the same Reed College calligraphic culture that inspired Steve Jobs.
When Carter's career led him to Bitstream he assembled a team of men and women who were versed in design history, calligraphy, and letterpress typography--similar to what Summer Stone was doing at rival Adobe.