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a. the warmest season of the year, between spring and autumn, astronomically from the June solstice to the September equinox in the N hemisphere and at the opposite time of year in the S hemisphere
b. (as modifier): summer flowers
2. the period of hot weather associated with the summer


1. a large horizontal beam or girder, esp one that supports floor joists
2. another name for lintel
3. a stone on the top of a column, pier, or wall that supports an arch or lintel


The period from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox; popularly and for most meteorological purposes, it is taken to include June through August in the Northern Hemisphere, and December through February in the Southern Hemisphere.

springer, skewback, summer

springer, 1: S
1. The impost or place where the vertical support for an arch


summer, 4: S
1. A horizontal beam supporting the ends of floor joists or resting on posts and supporting the wall above; also called a summertree.
2. Any large timber or beam which serves as a bearing surface.
3. The lintel of a door or window; a breastsummer.
4. A stone laid on a column and serving as a support for construction above, as in the construction of an arch.


personification of summer; portrayed as youthful and sprightly. [Rom. Myth.: LLEI, I: 322]
goddess of the season. [Rom. Myth.: Hall, 130]
symbol of summer; weather prognosticator. [Insect Symbolism: Jobes, 382]
naked girl with fruit
personification of summer. [Art: Hall, 130]
sickle and sheaf of corn
representational of the season. [Art: Hall, 129]


String manipulation and pattern matching language by Klint & Sint at CWI in the late 1970s. It was recently used as the input and implementation language for the Dataflow Compiler Project at CWI.

["An Overview of the SUMMER Programming Language", Paul Klint, 7th POPL, ACM 1980, pp. 47-55].
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NORTH SHIELDS: McCafferty, Robson, Summerly, Ormston, Pell, Hughes, McFarlane, Sampson, Harmison (Wilson), Mason (Bainbridge), Forster (Bainbridge) Subs: Dodds.
North Shields - who are at Runcorn Town on Monday night in a FA Carlsberg Vase third qualifying round replay - visit Newton Aycliffe with Jordan Summerly available after a ban.
The second most expensive lot of the session was the 2005 Kentucky Oaks winner Summerly offered by Eaton Sales as agent and snapped up by WinStar Farm for $3.
Ryhope CW: Ball, Nicholson, Turnbull, Paxton, Woods, Trewick (Cocks), Davis, Skidmore (Winship), Rae, Home-Jackson (Melvin), Ellis Subs: Lowerson, North Shields: McCafferty, Donnison, Summerly, Ormston, Pell, Hughes, McFarlane (Mason), Forster, Harmison (Wilson), Sampson (Bainbridge), Holmes Subs: Robson, Richardson.
The Robins cannot name injured pair Adam Forster or John Grey and Jordan Summerly is suspended.
Among them are the Grade 1 Starlet Stakes heroine Sharp Lisa (203) and 2005 Kentucky Oaks winner Summerly (225), who may lock horns in the Distaff.
NORTH SHIELDS: McCafferty, Donnison, Summerly, Ormston, Robson, Hughes, McFarlane, Sampson, Harmison (Wilson), Mason (Robinson), Holmes Subs: Hayes, Bainbridge, Groves WASHINGTON: Gladstone, Barnes, Parker, Gardiner, Laws, Karim, Chimbonda, Mogwo, Gash, Wilson, Brown Subs: Pickard, Greenwood, Akal, Gibbon PENRITH 1 ASHINGTON 1 ASHINGTON made it four league games unbeaten after Luke Salmon's injury-time equaliser against Penrith.
Jordan Summerly is banned, but Josh Grey, James Luccock and Peter Glen-Ravenhill are added to manager Graham Fenton's squad.
Fleet Indian will probably have to 'dig in' once again here, as rivals such as Grade 1 winners Summerly and Bushfire consistently pour it on right at the front end.