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in law, the rules that govern the obtaining of legal redress. This article deals only with civil procedure in Anglo-American law (for criminal procedure, see criminal law).
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in the USSR, an official written order to appear in court. A telegram or telephone message is equivalent to a legal summons. The summons states who is being called and in what capacity, where and before whom the person must appear, and the time of the appearance. It also indicates the consequences of failure to appear, for example, a witness may be forced to appear or a defendant’s measure of restraint may be made more severe.

The summons is also used to order citizens to appear before an investigator or person conducting an inquiry.


a. an official order requiring a person to attend court, either to answer a charge or to give evidence
b. the writ making such an order
2. a call or command given to the members of an assembly to convene a meeting
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'This Court has not seen any proof on the service of the summons by law to show that the court's summon was issued and ignored by defendant Dolo.
PESHAWAR -- The session of provincial assembly summoned on August 27, 2019 (Tuesday) at 3pm in the Assembly Building of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Khyber Road Peshawar Cantonment.
MP Jabir of Kaashidhoo constituency submitted a request to summon the minister.
Under the Constitution, the speaker is bound to summon the NA session within 14 days of the receipt of the requisition notice.
Wickremesinghe, Wijewardena and former Law and Order Ministers Sagala Ratnayake and Rajith Madduma Bandara will most likely be summoned over the next couple of weeks.
We're not the government of China to summon an official of China," Panelo, a lawyer, said.
Islamabad -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has summoned Faryal Talpur sister of former president Asif Ali Zardari along with all record in fake bank accounts case today on Wednesday.
In a statement to ( Electrek , Tesla noted that the Enhanced Summon feature should only be used in parking lots and driveways, not in public roads.
'The attempt to summon me to the Philippines is malicious and futile,' Sison said in a statement from Utrecht in the Netherlands on Wednesday.
Earlier this week, Farooq Sattar had also been summoned for interrogation while permission was also being acquired to summon the head of Pak Sarzameen Party Mustafa Kamal and other political leaders.
Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce a new release of the Summon discovery service.
In a summon dated July 12, 2017, issued at 9.39 am, Jaffna based journalist has been summoned to be present at the Organized Crime Division Colombo over a media event he covered of Northern Provincial Council Member and TELO National Organiser M.K.