sun screen

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shade screen, sun screen

A louvered awning used over windows; the metal blades are angled to permit good vision downward and horizontally while preventing the sun, at higher elevations, from striking the window.
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The Sun Screen and Sun Block market research report comprises broad primary research and secondary research along with the in-depth study of qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of the market by interactions with industry experts, key opinion leaders to gain more in-depth understanding of the market and industry performance.
Own label sun screens fromMorrisonsfor [pounds sterling]3,Lidlfor [pounds sterling]3.49 andTescoandWilkofor [pounds sterling]3.50 were all given the thumbs up along with a range of expensive brands from Nivea and Lloyds for [pounds sterling]7 each.
"They should be encouraged to spend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm and wear at least factor 15 sun screen on exposed areas of skin."
Sun screen sting DOZENS of military cadets fled in terror when their college sports day was invaded by a swarm of bees.
GATHER up that bikini, dig out the sun screen - it's holiday time!
He said: "The antioxidant pill would be used in addition to the greater protection provided by sun cream and therefore would not be a substitute or replacement to any form of sun screen protection.
He appears to use a code word "Sun Screen" - possibly suggesting protection money.
The newly opened Holiday Inn resort in Dead Sea, are conducting a stay real program to all employees.The latest creativity was created by the stay real champion Abeer Taha; some kids between 7 Au 12 years were selected to help and check on the other children.They hold a basket containing mineral water and Dead Sea sun screen cream, which they pass around and offer to other children; they also encourage the children to participate in certain games and activities which the animation group offers, such as painting on heads and arms plus stay real shirts.
The VLCC Sun Screen Cream, Gel and Lotion range offer advanced solutions for skin care and protection against Sun.
If the UV Index is greater than 3 (moderate), the American Cancer Society recommend that you apply a sun screen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 a half an hour before going outside.