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common name for a graceful, stout-bodied, bitternlike bird, Eurypyga helias. It is named for its wing markings, an orange-chestnut shield set in an orange-buff circle, which looks like a setting sun. The rest of its plumage is intricately barred, striped, and mottled in black, white, brown, gray, and olive. Measuring from 18 to 21 in. (46–53 cm) in length, sunbitterns rarely fly, but, rather, walk slowly upon long, bright orange legs, holding their snakelike necks parallel to the ground. Found singly or in pairs, they are native to the thick, tropical jungles and swamps of Central and South America. They are silent creatures and use their long and straight, sharply pointed bills to spear their diet of insects and small fish. They build a grass and mud nest either on the ground or in low trees, in which the female lays her two oval-shaped, buffy or clay-colored eggs. Both sexes share in nest building, incubation, and the care of their highly precocious young. When excited, the sunbittern goes into a most elaborate dance, with wings and tail spread out in a defensive posture. Sunbitterns are classified in the phylum ChordataChordata
, phylum of animals having a notochord, or dorsal stiffening rod, as the chief internal skeletal support at some stage of their development. Most chordates are vertebrates (animals with backbones), but the phylum also includes some small marine invertebrate animals.
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, subphylum Vertebrata, class Aves, order Gruiformes, family Eurypygidae.
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Lucky Legs is a daughter of Danehill Dancer from one of the strongest damlines in the stud book, that of Sunbittern. Lucky Legs' unraced dam, Singing Diva, by Royal Academy, is a half-sister to King Edward VII Stakes winner Amfortas and to Legend Maker, dam of Chevalier and 1,000 Guineas winner Virginia Waters.
Agnus is by In The Wings, who brings in Sadler's Wells to the bottom half of the pedigree, along with High Hawk, a daughter of Shirley Heights and the superb tap-root mare Sunbittern.
However, with the right mare, there should be nothing to stop Dubawi from siring horses who stay further than he did, especially as his own female family is laden with middle-distance talent: a son of the Oaks d'Italia winner Zomaradah, herself by the stamina influence Deploy, he is a fourth generation descendant of the brilliant producer Sunbittern, also the ancestress of In The Wings and High-Rise.
He is by Alhaarth out of Zomaradah, winner of the Italian Oaks who also foaled Dubawi and traces in direct female tail line to the Sunbittern, from whom the likes of High-Rise, In The Wings and Virginia Waters descend.
His third dam is bluehen Sunbittern, a mare whose influence grows with importance year after year.
HIBAAYEB b f 20-4-2007 Northern Dancer Nearctic Natalma Sadler's Wells Fairy Bridge Bold Reason Special In The Wings Shirley Heights Mill Reef Hardiemma High Hawk Sunbittern Sea Hawk Pantoufle Singspiel (b 1992) Hail To Reason Turn-To Nothirdchance Halo Cosmah Cosmic Bomb Almahmoud Glorious Song Herbager Vandale Flagette Ballade Miss Swapsco Cohoes Soaring Raise A Native Dancer Raise You Mr Prospector Gold Digger Nashua Sequence Lion Cavern Secretariat Bold Ruler Somethingroyal Secrettame Tamerett Tim Tam Mixed Marriage Lady Zonda (b 1999) Northern Dancer Nearctic Natalma Fabulous Dancer Last Of The Line The Axe Bryonia Zonda Habitat Sir Gaylord Little Hut Oh So Hot Oh So Fair Graustark Chandelle Bred by Rabbah Bloodstock Ltd in England.
Grand-dam of this last-named colt is Sunbittern, who has several descendants in the catalogue; more of them later.
THAT collection includes a colt (61) and filly (92) tracing to Sunbittern, whose female descendants have linked so well with Sadler's Wells-producing In The Wings, Hawker's News and Hunting Hawk, among others.