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Sundial operates two facilities in Alberta, including our flagship, purpose-built modular cannabis production facility in Olds and a second production facility in Rocky View, with plans to build a third facility in British Columbia.
Sundials use the Earth's rotation, axial tilt, and orbit around the Sun to measure time.
"Drying time for walnuts varies depending on the climate, temperature, humidity and other factors," says Justin Leishman, operations manager for Sundial. "If walnuts get too dry, the shell gets brittle and can break more easily, causing lower grades for the grower.
"We are excited to partner with Richebeu and his team to enable Sundial to bring its unique product offerings and community impact to more people around the world," said Alan Jope, president, Unilever Personal Care.
Unilever North America said the Sundial team has built differentiated and on-trend premium brands serving multicultural and millennial consumers that enhance Unilever's existing portfolio.
"Less than a hundred examples of this specific type of sundial have survived and of those, only a handful bear any kind of inscription at all - so this really is a special find," researcher Alessandro Launaro said in the university statement.
"It is always satisfying to see pubs sold for ongoing use and I wish Tony Singh and managers Norman and Emma the best of luck in making a success of The New Sundial." The Sundial was sold with an asking price of PS725,000.
The sundial was unveiled as part of the Grangetown Millennium Green in 2001.
Why make sundials at all in the age of digital watches and cell phones?
HUMAN SUNDIALS I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to Monmouthshire Hardy Plant Society last weekend.
The church was burgled twice in the space of three days, with thieves making off with the sundial plate and a number of paving flags.
Dennis recalled how he helped his grandmother produce scented soaps as a youngster, and teamed with Tubman in 1992 to launch Sundial Brands, a manufacturer and distributor of organic skin and haircare products for people of color.