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1. Films an actor or person temporarily engaged, usually for crowd scenes
2. Cricket a run not scored from the bat, such as a wide, no-ball, bye, or leg bye



an actor performing roles without words (or consisting of a few words), often taking part in mass scenes.


Performed work or a desired item of construction which is beyond the intent of the drawings and specifications contained in a construction contract; an item of work, 1 involving additional cost. Also see addition, 3.


Object-oriented, Pascal style, handles sets. "A Data Model and Query Language for EXODUS", M.J. Carey et al, SIGMOD 88 Conf Proc, pp.413- 423, ACM SIGMOD Record 17:3 (Sept 1988).
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Giglio says it has helped increase sundry sales for the store.
Sherwin-Williams has acquired privately held Paint Sundry Brands Corp., a maker of brushes and rollers for professional and DIY markets, in a deal valued at $295 million, including the assumption of certain financial obligations at closing
The enhancement program, launched upon W&M's acquisition of the property in January 2001, includes: fully renovated elevator cabs and lobbies, common corridors, and restrooms; a remodeled and expanded fitness center with locker rooms; a remodeled and expanded dining facility; a relocated and expanded sundry shop; new interior and exterior directional and identification signage; landscaping enhancements and installation of a new energy management system.
Robert Danjanic of Yakima County, Washington, suffered a head injury from a fall a few years ago and was plagued thereafter with sundry psychiatric problems.