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Whole plant is useable. Thin alternate leaves, yellow 5 petal flower. Kidneys, arthritis, sore throat, rheumatism, lymph, tuberculosis, eyewash.
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The space, former occupied by Ginger Restaurant, is situated on the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue and West 116th Street, comprises of 3,000 s/f on the ground floor and 740 s/f in the basement Sunrose Group will join other retailers in the building including New York Sports Club, Physical Therapy of Harlem, Braxton's Salon and Carver Bank.
For example, Tanner might use silver artemisia to link a yellow bed of 'Stella d'Oro' daylilies and 'Primrose Heron' golden lamb's ears with a purple bed of 'Dark Delight' New Zealand flax and catmint, Other blending plants: silver-leafed lamb's ears, 'Dutch Mill' lavender, silver thyme, or silver-leafed sunrose.
And the very-low-water-use zone, including sunrose and hardy geranium, consumed about 7 inches.