sunset laws

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sunset laws,

statutes that deal with the tendency of government agencies and programs to be self-perpetuating by providing for their periodic review.
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As noted earlier, over the past several decades, sunset laws have been passed in several states--about 36 since the 1970s.
He's got tax cuts, spending limits, two-year budgeting, federal sunset laws, welfare reform, federal job cuts, limits on unions congressional term limits and restraints on pay for lawmakers and more.
(23) Building upon Justice Brandeis's famous description of transparency rules as "the best disinfectant," a Common Cause branch president suggested, "My God, we've done sunshine, how about sunset?" (24) By the early 1980s, thirty-five states had enacted sunset laws that mandated periodic review of government agencies and other entrees.
What is not silly, however, is the old concept of "sunset laws," which require the Legislature, on a periodic basis, to look at government programs and see if some have outlasted their usefulness and should be eliminated.
Why are certain state policy innovations such as sunset laws or teacher competency testing laws adopted in some states, and in some situations, but not in others?
Colorado, Florida and Alabama passed the first sunset laws in 1976.