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profound disturbance of the heat-regulating mechanism of the body, also known as sunstroke. It is characterized by extremely high body temperatures and sometimes by convulsions and coma.
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an acute pathological state of humans and animals caused by a disturbance of brain functions as a result of the direct action of the sun’s rays on the head. In humans, structural and functional changes occur in the subcortical and truncal parts of the brain, which regulate respiration, blood circulation, temperature balance, and the level of wake fulness and sleep. The changes are manifested by headache, vomiting, lethargy, an increase in body temperature (sometimes higher than 40°C), convulsions, agitation, and disturbances of the pulse and respiration. In severe cases coma develops. First aid includes moving the sunstroke victim to shade and cooling him with cold compresses and wet packs. In severe cases artificial respiration is administered.


Heat stroke resulting from prolonged exposure to the sun, characterized by extreme pyrexia, prostration, convulsion, and coma. Also known as thermic fever.


heatstroke caused by prolonged exposure to intensely hot sunlight
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In Kerala, a 42-year-old man died of suspected sunstroke in Kottayam district.
Clear the shelves of your local chemist while stocking up on the key essentials to keep your child from having to visit the local A&E through a mixture of sunburn, hayfever, sunstroke or the sorts of summer allergies that leave them with heads which resemble their out-sized cartoon selves.
He thought he was suffering from sunstroke," said Deb.
His early death on active service during the First World War made him a legendary figure but he never heard a shot fired in anger - he died from the combined results of a mosquito bite and sunstroke.
It is difficult to keep so many sheep in line for counting-- they are not a parade but more like a roiling sea of whitecaps, which makes me think of the shore-- of all those boring grains of sand to keep track of as they slip through the fingers, of all the dangers of sunstroke, riptide, jellyfish.
According to Pakistan Institute of Medical Science's (PIMS) record, over 900 patients are visiting daily the outdoor patient department (OPD) of the hospital with complaints such as sunstroke, dehydration, loose motion, gastro and upset stomach.
Due to the scorching heat in different parts of Sindh, many people were shifted to hospitals due to sunstroke and affected the indoor and outdoor business activities.
They are suffering from heat stroke, sunstroke or dehydration.
Remember: you could still suffer sunstroke, even if you are drinking enough water.
A neighbour's pigs even suffered from sunstroke last week.
Health and social workers are on standby to deal with sunstroke and other problems caused by the heat.
An eight-year-old boy told his mum he thought he was dying after he was struck down by severe sunstroke.