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1. petrol with a high octane rating
2. Austral and NZ informal superphosphate


The successor to LOGLISP, based on LNF.

["New Generation Knowledge Processing: Final Report on the SUPER System", J Alan Robinson et al, CASE Center TR 8707, Syracuse U, 1987].
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Thanks largely to the investigative work of Joyce Mucci, who heads the Kansas City-based Mid-America Immigration Reform Coalition, and author/economist Jerome Corsi, the NAFTA Super Highway has begun to be a very hot topic.
From workups to combat ops and finally to NAS Lemoore, successfully completing the transition to the Super Hornet has been no easy journey.
Some insurers said the big splash provided by a Super Bowl ad must complement the company's overall advertising strategy.
An extension of the: Digital Linear Tape (DLT) standard, Super DLT promises capacities of up to 110GB and transfer rates of over 16MB/sec in uncompressed mode.
com helps to offset some of the expense of a Super Bowl party with savings on several game day staples.
Johnson entered the Super Late Model season with high expectations.
The tape storage industry has eagerly anticipated Quantum's shipping its first-generation Super DLTtape units," said Robert Abraham of Freeman Reports.
The 5th Annual Super Sunday Ad Poll on AOL will let fans view and vote on their favorite Super Bowl[R] commercials and share them with their friends.
Peter King made Aikman his first choice for the Hall of Fame but left Moon out of his top eight, leaning toward guys with a Super Bowl glow.
Super DLTtape technology's unique modular architecture and enabling technologies offer the best features of DLTtape technology and much more.
At Ford Field, facility managers selected Gulf Coast Real Estate Consultants, LLC, to design and install an integrated, multi-carrier wireless infrastructure similar to systems they deployed at ALLTEL Stadium and Reliant Park for the two previous Super Bowls.
Southwell, a Canyon High and College of the Canyons graduate, fell one spot in the Weekly Racing Series because the Super Late Models didn't race last weekend at Irwindale Speedway.