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a machine for finishing paper—that is, increasing its surface smoothness, giving it luster and stiffness, and embossing it.

A supercalender consists of six to 12 metal and paper rolls, between which the paper web is threaded. The metal rolls are made of polished cast iron. The paper rolls are made by compressing paper disks stacked onto a steel core at pressures up to 45 meganewtons per sq m, or 450 kilograms-force per sq cm, after which the rolls are finished by turning and polishing. The Shore hardness of paper rolls used to calender printing papers is 36–40; the linear pressures produced in the finishing process are 100–350 kilograms-force per sq cm. The paper web travels through a supercalender at speeds of up to 900 m/min. Idler rolls, which reduce the tension on the paper in the calendering section, are used to prevent the paper from tearing in the machine.

Supercalenders are used primarily to finish printing and writing papers.


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The company said that the permanent closure will reduce its annual coated groundwood capacity by 180,000 tonnes or about 20% and eliminate about 35,000 tonnes of annual supercalendered paper capacity and also mentioned that it has been working with the mill's customers to make necessary production transitions.
The company also has run supercalendered paper, with which it aims to attract commercial work as an alternative to heatset-printed glossy stock.
In other news, Ahlstrom has completed the expansion of its production capacity of supercalendered release base papers at the La Gere plant in France.
Flint Ink's Arrowlith UV coldset inks, which also received the Graphic Art Technical Foundation's (GATF) prestigious InterTech Technology Award this year, offer coldset web printers the ability to print on coated and supercalendered stocks, broadening their existing capabilities and increasing pressroom productivity.
Finnish fibre-based materials supplier Ahlstrom Corporation announced on Wednesday (23 March) an EUR18m plan to expand its production capacity of supercalendered release base papers at its plant in Turin, Italy.
"The downside was that the process parameters did not produce supercalendered quality.
The Fasson Dissolvable Paper SC combines a smooth supercalendered 70gm2 water-soluble facepaper with a permanent adhesive, Fasson S2600 - a combination formulated to dissolve in water, and disperse immediately on immersion.
The mill produces supercalendered (SC) paper, a high-quality, glossy, uncoated groundwood paper.
Ultraviolet-curable inks allow newspapers to print vibrant four-color inserts, catalogs, tabloids and covers on coated papers, supercalendered stocks and newsprint.
Ahlstrom will invest 30 million [euro] in an expansion of its supercalendered release base paper capacity in La Gere, France.