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see fungal infectionfungal infection,
infection caused by a fungus (see Fungi), some affecting animals, others plants. Fungal Infections of Human and Animals

Many fungal infections, or mycoses, of humans and animals affect only the outer layers of skin, and although they are sometimes
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An infection with or a disease caused by a fungus.
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Clinico-mycological profile of dermatophytosis and the relationship of ABO blood grouping with superficial mycosis. J Yeast Fungal Res 2014;5(5):63-6.
The study involved 318 patients that are clinically diagnosed for superficial mycosis and referred to Arsho from different health institutions for laboratory diagnosis.
Antifungal activity against important opportunist microorganisms and against those involved in superficial mycosis, all from nosocomial origin was also detected.
The disease is a form of superficial mycosis. It has the propensity of attacking the hair shaft, follicles and surrounding skin of scalp.2

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