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1. petrol with a high octane rating
2. Austral and NZ informal superphosphate
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The successor to LOGLISP, based on LNF.

["New Generation Knowledge Processing: Final Report on the SUPER System", J Alan Robinson et al, CASE Center TR 8707, Syracuse U, 1987].
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In addition to my .38 Supers I also now have a "Super .38 Super" which greatly overshadows both the .38 Super and .357 Magnum.
All the time shooters looked to the .357 Magnum as the ideal self defense choice, very few of those really in the know carried a .38 Super, including one Texas Ranger by the name of Frank Hamer.
Experienced supers working for production companies have 20, 30, maybe 35 houses going at a time.
No matter how many houses, supers these days must do more than meet closing dates with zero defect product.
The clubs serve as a means of finding employment, not only for supers but for doormen, handymen and porters.
Supers get a choice of days and some overtime, he said.
Also in Division 1, a much more evenly contested tie between Super Sports Mina Seyahi A and Al Nasr ended in a 3-3 draw, while Dubai Police were handed a walkover by Jumeirah Beach Hotel.
The NAU is a proposed merger of Canada, Mexico, and the United States into a European Union-style alliance, and the Super Highway is the super-road connecting the dots, with chilling implications for all freedom-loving Americans.
The Warholian moment enacted by Los Super Elegantes updates the original art/life/insanity meltdown on the infamously dirty couch at the Factory.
There are several variables that seem to routinely confound attempts to quantify the benefits of Super Slow training, not the least of which is the cantankerous Hutchins himself, who has repeatedly spoken out against the exercise physiology community, in one interview even proclaiming that "most research in exercise is faked."