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a. written instructions from a physician, dentist, etc., to a pharmacist stating the form, dosage strength, etc., of a drug to be issued to a specific patient
b. the drug or remedy prescribed
2. (of drugs) available legally only with a doctor's prescription
a. written instructions from an optician specifying the lenses needed to correct defects of vision
b. (as modifier): prescription glasses
4. Law
a. the uninterrupted possession of property over a stated period of time, after which a right or title is acquired (positive prescription)
b. the barring of adverse claims to property, etc., after a specified period of time has elapsed, allowing the possessor to acquire title (negative prescription)
c. the right or title acquired in either of these ways
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written instructions from a physician to a pharmacy for the preparation and issuance of a medicine and also containing directions on how to administer the medicine. Prescriptions are written according to definite forms and rules. A simple prescription is written for a single medicinal substance, and a compound prescription is written for a medicine that consists of two or more ingredients. A prescription is a legal document, since it makes it possible to verify whether a medicine has been prepared correctly.

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Note: Means superscription with different letters mean significant statically difference (P(less than)0.05).
The strains of the confined concrete and the dimensionless curvature [phi]h will be normalized with respect to the strain [[epsilon].sub.cco] corresponding to [f.sub.cco], and this normalization is indicated by using the superscription (~); the same notation is adopted for the normalization of the strains of the unconfined concrete with respect to the strain [[epsilon]] corresponding to the cylindrical strength [].
Rather, the heartbreak it causes to the enfeebled Lina proves fatal: "She glanced at the well-known superscription, and, with trembling hand, opened the fatal letter, to read the cruel words which would freeze the life from her young heart, and extinguish the life of the rapidly fading flower.
On the morning of January 1, Lincoln went to his office to sign the Emancipation Proclamation, but noticed an error in the formulaic superscription and returned the document to be corrected.
This syncretic mixing, or "superscription of symbols," to borrow Prasenjit Duara's phrase, speaks to the sedimented layers of Buddhist artistic and doctrinal developments in Japan.
His name suggests an identification with the Apostle John, since "the author of the Second and Third Epistles of John designates himself in the superscription of each by the name (ho presbyteros), 'the ancient,' 'the old'" (Fonck).
If I were to design a medal for one of these Schoolboys the superscription might be 'Child of the Sun'; the obverse a figure of 'independence with a Shield' [...] and the reverse should just be a bright star to symbolise the Sun.
How miserably plagud is my deare Constance to haue such a thing to her father as cannot read english but in his Clerks hand nor euer writ once when Parchment was out oth' way vpon cap paper superscription but to the Constable & his deputy.
At the very top stands a hand-written black ink superscription: ORAVIT, DOCVIT CHRIST US, FIT VICTIMA, VICTOR, and at the bottom, Doct: Mart: Luth: (in red) Wite-berg.
It seemed a long time that the poet consumed in adjusting his glasses and scanning the chirography of the superscription, and whole eras winged their way into eternity while he deliberately and nicely cut open the end and extracted the contents.