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a medical establishment providing many types of outpatient care to the public. Polyclinics have staffs of specialists and supplies and equipment that provide specialized medical care both at the polyclinic and at home.

In the USSR, outpatient clinics and polyclinics are generally located in hospitals, although independent polyclinics also exist. All polyclinics have offices staffed by physicians specializing in most major branches of medicine. They also have physiotherapy divisions and clinical and diagnostic laboratories.

Preventive treatment provided in polyclinics includes regular physical examinations of workers; specialized examinations to detect incipient forms of such diseases as cancer, tuberculosis, and diabetes; vaccinations; and dispensary programs for various categories of the population. Polyclinics operate according to the district principle.

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The supersurgery would be made up of the Ash surgery and two other practices, surge either in Mather Avenue or Booker Avenue.
Families had feared the Bennetts Road North centre, which has around 3,200 patients and five GPs, would shut under plans to provide a supersurgery for the area.
RE: The new supersurgery to be built on land next to the Coronation Club on Keresley Road (Evening Telegraph, February 28).
However, homeowners who live near to Arrowe Park say they will do whatever it takes to stop Wirral Primary Care Trust from building their planned supersurgery on the 2.
The new supersurgery in Keresley would offer more services - including mental health, counselling and possible drug advice - but Ethel says if she has to get the bus there it could, aside from the cost, mean Clifford being on his own for too long.
As well as a planned supersurgery in Booker Avenue, in Allerton, the chief executive of Liverpool's primary care trusts, Derek Campbell, said sites were being considered for community health centres in Childwall and at a site owned by St Austin's church in Grassendale.
CHANGES AHEAD: Roger Randle in front of the Windmill Road health centre, which will be closing to make way for the Longford supersurgery
Last year plans were again put forward for a supersurgery in Thingwall for GP practices across Irby and Pensby to all be located at one site, adjacent to the council-owned Warrens nursery, although no agreement has been reached so far.