supplementary conditions

contract documents

contract documents
Those documents that comprise a contract, e.g., in a construction contract, the owner-contractor agreement, conditions of the contract (general, supplementary, and other conditions), plans and/or drawings, specifications, all addenda, modifications, and changes thereto, together with any other items stipulated as being specifically included.
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"After the military success (of the Syrian army in recent months), supplementary conditions have been created which favor the start of a political process on a major scale," Putin said in a statement after the meeting.
According to the supplementary conditions of the contract signed prior to the work, arbitration may happen if "all parties to the dispute have agreed to participate in the arbitration" and "all parties have agreed to be bound by the arbitration decision."
Madrid insists that EU aid has no austerity or reform strings attached: "There are no supplementary conditions on budget policy or structural reforms" in the EU aid of up to 100 billion Spain will receive for its banks, the economy minister repeated, on 13 June.
Add as many handicaps and supplementary conditions races as you like, but let's not pretend they increase the gaiety of nations as much as they increase the financial rewards for the organisers.
GAM calls upon the candidates to comply with the terms and conditions of the elections campaigning, in addition to any supplementary conditions, specified by the Ministry of Interior/ Capital Governor concerning the campaign.
Special provisions and/or supplementary conditions are generally more project specific than general conditions, but cover some of the same ground.
It may be incorporated in a project manual by reference as "The contract between the Owner and Contractor shall be AIA Document A101-1997, AIA Document A201-1997, and also the Supplementary Conditions herein contained, all as amended by any addenda.
B Alternative Supplementary Conditions for Being a Work of Art
The steps of a successful asbestos abatement project include: * review of facility drawings and asbestos survey data to determine requirements for the abatement project; * field investigation and asbestos bulk sampling/analysis as required to ensure the identification and location of suspect ACMs on a space-by-space basis; * development of a complete set of contracts, including technical specifications, drawings, general and supplementary conditions of the contract and bid documents; * submission of contracts and other forms to applicable regulatory agencies for approval as required by state law; * conducting pre-bid meetings with potential abatement contractors and assistance in contractor selection; and * review of contractor submittals for compliance with contract documents.
Supplementary conditions may provide for specific matters relating to the project (e.g., rights and obligations for access to the construction site).

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