supply opening

air outlet

In an air-conditioning system, a device at the end of a duct through which air is exhausted.
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In other building types, the supply opening introduced was mostly manual control by occupants, the exhaust opening introduced was automatic control according to natural ventilation operating condition and remote switching control by a facility operator.
Pent-up demand for housing following the recession has now receded, though there is also little evidence of supply opening up, Donnell said.
The grid density was 1 cm in the supply opening, 5 cm in the supply jet area, and 10 cm in other parts of the room.
Secondly, the impact of supply diffuser opening percentage is studied by analyzing three scenarios; 50% supply opening, 75% supply opening and 100% (full) supply opening, keeping the same supply air.
When there is only one supply opening and only one exhaust opening in a room, the air at any point is the air coming from that supply opening and the air going out through that exhaust opening--no differences between supply and exhaust airstreams exist.
This distance varies according to the fan speed in the convector and thereby also by the initial velocity [u.sub.0] measured at the supply opening of the convector.
The supply opening size was 0.3 x 0.2 m, with an effective area ratio of 0.77.
The round movable panel (RMP) consisted of an air distribution box with a round supply opening mounted at the end of a movable arm duct.
Under the agreement, the parties will be able to share knowledge and carry out negotiations to explore potential promotion, marketing and supply openings for Aselsan's security products and systems in Jordan and other countries, according to the statement.