supply outlet

air outlet

In an air-conditioning system, a device at the end of a duct through which air is exhausted.
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ISLAMABAD -- Three persons were injured during a robbery at an LNG supply outlet in capital's rural area, police said.
However, it lacks of the study on the optimization and improvement of the tunnel flow field structure of the downstream of air supply outlet in the shaft blowing and exhausting longitudinal ventilation system.
Indoor air temperature, air velocity, radiation temperature, and relative humidity as well as the distance between the air supply outlet and the sampling point were obtained through a CFD simulation.
* Connect the steam cleaner or power washer plug into a power supply outlet with a GFCI protection system certified by a licensed electrician.
The vehicle covers a range of 139kms on full charge, and the battery can be charged within 25 minutes in fast-charge mode using a 220V household power supply outlet. It has six airbags, vehicle dynamics control and hill assist control as standard.
Bristol, CT, January 16, 2011 --( Buster's Canine Supply Outlet has today announced the relaunch of its updated and revised website,
A SOCA spokesman told the ECHO: "This warehouse was a very well organised drug supply outlet, clearly well established, supplying customers throughout the UK." SOCA is the Home Office agency set up to deal with organised crime.
Winburn officials are equally vague about new employment levels at the company's retail supply outlet at 10505 Maumelle Blvd.
Among the recipients was Roy Wilson, owner of Wilson's Business Solutions, a multi-faceted business supply outlet. Wilson won the Mayor's Award for business excellence and community spirit.
The integrated gas project also includes the building and operating of an LNG plant and a supply outlet for LNG to marine vessels.