supply pipe

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service pipe

service pipe
1. The section of pipe which connects the public water or gas main to a termination point within a building, such as a meter or trap.
2. In an electric wiring system, the conduit or pipe that contains underground service conductors and extends from the junction with the outside supply wires into the premises of the building served.
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As a consequence, it is alleged, the supply pipe to the equipment separated from an inlet pipe, allowing gas to escape and on March 28, 2013 ,to ignite, resulting in an explosion that caused extensive damage to the Cunninghams' twobedroomed home and injuries to them both.
Under the scrapped system Northumbrian Water would repair a leak free of charge once every three years provided the supply pipe had a diameter of up to 25mm, the leak was less than 1.35m down, and the supply pipes were no more than 50m measured from the stopcock to the highway.
He said that Bannu main water supply pipe of committee that provides water to houses and shops for drinking are incorporating dirty material from deranges as it has leaked in many spots and need to be changed.
They turned the gas off and will have to return later to fit a new supply pipe.
Muscat: House in Rex Road area of Ruwi was reportedly went water for almost four hours as the water supply pipes of the building were stolen during the early hours of Wednesday.
'However, the team needed special equipment to dig to the supply pipe and unfortunately that generated additional noise.
Guyer's "fix" is something like putting several faucets at a sink in case one fails, but tying them all to the same supply pipe. In other words, it provides redundancy only for the last step in the delivery process.
Clerk of the course Chris Stickels said there was now a completely new watering supply pipe after the replacement of an irrigation ring main.
But Mr Noble, who was paying pounds 95.99 a year for drainage and plumbing cover and pounds 22.99 for water supply pipe cover, says he has now discovered Yorkshire Water would repair the pipe for free.
Our responsibility for a water supply pipe ends at the point where the supply pipe from the water main in the highway reaches the edge of the highway.