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Intensive care and supportive measures along with standard protocols of management are required to treat these cases (4).
The National Policy on Agriculture should aim to set in place the enabling and supportive measures as well as a conducive environment to promote growth in the agricultural sector.
37 a dollar, Finance Secretary R S Gujral in New Delhi said, "Government (is taking) action in terms of supportive measures for ensuring higher inflows of foreign exchange .
Pneumonias are typically exquisitely sensitive to antibiotics and other supportive measures and are rarely life threatening.
The Fund includes a range of supportive measures, including the provision of emergency supplies, scholarships for affected students, as well as grants for Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) with similar such missions.
At present, there are no effective therapies to treat AKI other than supportive measures.
Supportive measures include IV fluid resuscitation, blood or platelet transfusion as indicated.
The study will also include additional supportive measures to characterise the overall benefit/risk assessment, Neurosearch said.
We are encouraged by the recent investment announcements which will increase supportive measures for children and their families," Vice Chief Lerat stated in a release.
Treatment has four main tenets: elimination of the streptococcus, symptomatic treatment of the involuntary movements, incoordination and psychiatric symptoms, treatment of the immune and inflammatory response and supportive measures.
If there are no additional supportive measures, the number of corporate failures in 2011 may surpass the level of the previous year.
Long-term care' refers to a variety of services and supportive measures to meet health or personal care needs over an extended period of time.

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