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1. an area considered as a unit for geographical, functional, social, or cultural reasons
2. an administrative division of a country
3. (in Scotland from 1975 until 1996) any of the nine territorial divisions into which the mainland of Scotland was divided for purposes of local government; replaced in 1996 by council areas
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(1) A territory identified by certain characteristics or peculiarities. In many cases, a taxonomic unit, as in physico-geographical region.

(2) In certain countries outside the USSR, an administrative and territorial unit, as in Paris region.

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(computer science)
A group of machine addresses which refer to a base address.
The union of an open connected set with a subset of its boundary points (which may be the entire boundary or the empty set).
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Suprapubic region, Paget's cells, cytokeratin 7, carcinoembryonic antigen.
Two sigmoid colostomies were sited in the suprapubic region on unburned skin.
Postoperatively, the patient experienced swelling in the right leg and suprapubic region. This proceeded to worsen until follow-up in December 2010 when the patient presented again with severe bilateral nonpitting edema of the lower limbs and suprapubic area.
Abdominal palpation elicited tenderness in suprapubic region. Per speculum examination revealed active bleeding.
The patient was managed with antibiotics and explant of the device using previous incisions in his perineum and suprapubic region. Fluid collections were evacuated and the wounds were closed loosely around the penrose drains.
EVALUATION: On examination, a nontender, firm lump was palpable in the suprapubic region. Per rectal examination revealed a hard, mobile mass in the urinary bladder.
On examination suprapubic transverse scar was present with tenderness over suprapubic region. Uterus is around 14-16 weeks size.