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(sür) or


(zou`ər), principal river of Luxembourg, c.100 mi (160 km) long, rising in the Ardennes, SE Belgium. It flows east through Luxembourg, then south (forming part of the Luxembourg-German border) to join with the Moselle (Mosel) River. With its tributaries, the Our, the Clerf, and the Alzette (which passes through the city of Luxembourg), the Sûre drains all of Luxembourg.


["Towards a Broader Basis for Logic Programming", Bharat Jayaraman, TR CS Dept, SUNY Buffalo, 1990].
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Sure things: Another position where another Rodgers, James, was held out of contact drills.
Needless to say the "sure things" are still running and my bank balance is at least EUR200 lighter as a result.
Helping the delivery man was Alexander, as in the many aspects of his life, being in charge and making sure things went well.
Warning letters can be sent and in some cases, Immediate Requirement Notices can be issued to make sure things are sorted immediately.
The event will be officially opened by the Lord Mayor, Coun Mike Sharpe, and jazz musician Andy Hamilton will take to the restored Victorian bandstand to make sure things go with a swing.
9.DON'T rush food defrosting, make sure things are defrosted properly overnight in the fridge.
He pointed out that environmental programs in the past were committed to making sure things didn't get worse and to reducing the waste and the pollution that had already occurred.
If you don't want to suffer from empty-chair syndrome, invite a bevy of buds: the crew you hope will show up and a troop of "sure things." For every four people, pad your list with one more to make up for the no-shows.
"We [older artists] were just there to make sure things were heading in the right direction to give them their wings," says Slyde.
Appointments are not sure things. But one thing is: People can't buy your product unless they see it and you pitch them.
And by taking a hands-on approach, they've been able to make sure things are done right.