surface drying

skin drying, surface drying

The rapid drying of the surface of a paint film while the paint between it and the substrate remains wet.
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The company says it strives to incorporate the latest technologies in infra-red and electronics to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its dryers and a recent development saw it replace halogen infra-red lamps with medium wave, carbon infra-red emitters from Heraeus, the medium wavelength is optimally suited for surface drying.
The microfibers suit applications where designers, contractors or producers aim to minimize cracking due to the rapid surface drying of plastic concrete.
These "advanced antioxidants" were evaluated for in-can preservation, film surface drying and film hardness development vs MEKO.
Or is the surface drying so quickly that come tomorrow we will be wondering what all the fuss was about?
Rangers Recent resurfacing on part of the stages along with heavy rain the day before the event made for slippery conditions and tested the skill of crews along with giving some headaches for tyre choice as the road conditions changed, the surface drying out as the way wore on.
This study involved on-farm testing of seed priming techniques in direct seeded rice and priming tools used include on-farm priming, hydropriming, hardening and osmopriming with CaCl2 followed by re-drying or surface drying. Non-primed seeds were taken as control.
Air Control Industries, leading manufacturer of fans, blowers and airknife surface drying systems is moving to new and larger premises.
It is offered with a series of nozzle options to suit an array of applications such as heavy, wet or matted-down debris; fine-tune blowing; and surface drying for golf courses, low spots and paved surfaces.
Fast surface drying and--if present the transition of the materials from rubbery in glassy state--may provoke case hardening and thus surprising effects: As shown in Figure 4 shrinkage rate is lower if the product is dried with higher temperature.
Surface drying is the first step and takes about one week.

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