surface moisture

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surface moisture, free water, surface water

Water retained on surfaces of aggregate particles and considered to be part of the mixing water in concrete, as distinguished from absorbed moisture within the permeable voids of the aggregate particles.
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While most sensors measure bulk moisture, some measure only surface moisture. In either case, though, they can be calibrated to read surface or free moisture.
It also provides data for ice and snow coverage as well as surface moisture. ASCAT will scan two 500 kilometre wide corridors and can, therefore, provide almost global coverage within 24 hours.
Polyolefin processors molding and extruding products for automotive, medical, and certain other markets sometimes predry materials to remove surface moisture and, in effect, "preheat" or soften the material to facilitate melting.
"Grit mixes with surface moisture to lower the freezing point and help prevent ice from forming," he said.
Fafin, "New methodology for soil surface moisture estimation and its application to ENVISAT-ASAR multi-incidence data inversion," Remote Sensing of Environment, vol.
The sensible heat flux H, which was more related to the changes of surface soil temperature than the surface moisture, showed an inverse trend with LE and increased from very small values during the first two days to a relatively high and constant amplitude after day 8.
They also found that of the three moisture parameters, the surface moisture (ERH) had the least spread in values of critical moisture parameters to prevent mold growth on gypsum wallboard, as shown in Figure 2.
These attractively priced systems use ambient air to dry plastics by carrying the surface moisture away, but without the use of desiccants.
Murad is about building youth through cellular health, not just surface moisture, Olia Botchev, Murad's vice president international, told reporters at a press event last Tuesday.
When cyanoacrylates cure, the adhesive relies on the surface moisture on a substrate to neutralize the acidic stabilizer in the adhesive to initiate polymerization.
Part of this heat penetrates the product (provoking an increase in temperature and the formation of water vapor) and the rest is used to evaporate surface moisture. Moisture spreads from the inner portion to the surface to replace evaporated surface moisture.
After a night on the lash, take off your make-up, drink a pint off your make-up, drink a pint of water and use this hydrating of skin fix with rose of Jericho to lock in surface moisture. With Lychee and watermelon.

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