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surface mount

A circuit board packaging technique in which the leads (pins) on the chips and components are soldered on top of the board. Boards can be made faster because surface mount technology (SMT) eliminates drilling holes for thru-hole devices, in which the pins go through the board and are soldered underneath.

Surface mount also allows the real estate under the device to be used for other layers by the board designer. In addition, the boards can be smaller because the chips are smaller; for example, SMT packages such as BGA have no leads extending out from the sides (see BGA). Contrast with socket mount and thru-hole.

Surface Mount vs. Thru-Hole
Most chips are surface mounted to the circuit board, but some are thru-hole, in which the pins go through the board and are soldered underneath. With surface mounted chips and no holes drilled through the board, the real estate under the device can be used by the circuit board designer for other board layers.

Gull-Wing Surface Mounts
These are examples of the common gull-wing style of leads on surface mount chips. The leads extend slightly out from the package, then down and out again.

Discrete and Surface Mounted
Although most discrete resistors are thru-hole devices, these resistors are surface mounted to save space as well as time making the board.

Surface mount

General term for a fixture directly mounted on a ceiling. Many hold up to four bulbs and are used in hallways and bathrooms. Used primarily in rooms with low ceilings.
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Caption: Mounting options include surface mounted or concealed blocking.
Tenders are invited for Surface mounted stainless steel dual roll jumbo toilet paper dispenser for (2) jumbo rolls acceptable products: bobrick b-2892 or approved equal.
Taipei, Taiwan, April 30, 2015 --( GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech Inc., announces its comprehensive 2015 down light range, featuring recessed, surface mounted, and optional pendant rod mounting models from 4 to 10 inches.
According to the company, its new surface mounted LED displays (HDSM-28xx, -29xx, -43xx, -44xx, -53xx, -54xx) can be used where height is constrained.
The housing can be surface mounted on ceilings or walls, or inverted.
A new light pipe, designated the PBLP Series, is designed specifically to operate with hoard-mounted pushbutton switches, enabling non-lighted switch models to perform the same function as similarly mounted lighted pushbutton switch types, when used in conjunction with surface mounted LED chip sets.
It may be surface mounted into the PCB with a profile as low as 0.16" for an effective power density of 1,750 W/[in.sup.3], or on the board with an overall height of 0.25" for a power density of 1,095 W/[in.sup.3].
This fixture is designed to be surface mounted. Each surface mounting bracket is attached on each end of the light fixture and allows the operator to adjust the angle of the entire fixture.
glass length, feature a wide flat lead design to provide both stability during component placement and improved solderability for surface mounted applications.
Made of black or white plastic, the Low Profile Reader (2001 or 2001W) can be flush or surface mounted, bracketed, or concealed behind glass, plaster, or other nonmetal surfaces.

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