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see wavewave,
in oceanography, an oscillating movement up and down, of a body of water caused by the frictional drag of the wind, or on a larger scale, by submarine earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides.
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, in oceanography; beachbeach,
a gently sloping zone where deposits of unconsolidated sediments are subject to wave action at the shore of an ocean or lake. Most of the sediment making up a beach is supplied by rivers or by the erosion of highlands adjacent to the coast.
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the breaking of a sea or lake wave directly on the shore. The oscillatory movements of the water cause the uprush and backwash. The surf plays the principal role in the destruction of retrograding shorelines and in the formation of beaches. It shifts the alluvium on beaches on accumulation shores.


Wave activity in the area between the shoreline and the outermost limit of breakers, that is, in the surf zone.


1. waves breaking on the shore or on a reef
2. foam caused by the breaking of waves
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His pinched vocals, surfy guitar, clanky Danelectro six-string bass and sock-hop back-beat created a sound that has fueled garage bands--and thus rock and roll--for the last three decades.
The vocals range from froggy to melancholy, and the music from surfy to frenetic, frayed, and frenzied (hence the proto-punk designation).
He has been performing as a solo artist for about two years and his unique approach to creating surfy punk music has paid off.
15/20 ATMOSPHERE: Older Mumbles folk will tell you this large, Victorian era boozer was THE place to be in the '60s and '70s, especially among the surfy set.
It's hard to be objective about how it turned out but it's quite adventurous visually, it's got the feel of a spaghetti Western and the soundtrack is very surfy.
I think my twist on the classic work wear style of suit with a bright surfy T-shirt or something like that conveys that message.
Between the cresting waves, troughs of surfy water form--your primary casting targets.