surge suppressor

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surge suppressor

[′sərj sə‚pres·ər]
A circuit that responds to the rate of change of a current or voltage to prevent a rise above a predetermined value; it may include resistors, capacitors, coils, gas tubes, and semiconducting disks. Also known as transient suppressor.

Surge suppressor

A device that is designed to offer protection against voltage surges on the power line that supplies electrical energy to the sensitive components in electronic devices and systems. The device offers a limited type of protection to computers, television sets, high-fidelity equipment, and similar types of electronic systems.

A voltage surge is generally considered to be a transient wave of voltage on the power line. The amplitude of the surge may be several thousand volts, and the duration may be as short as 1 or 2 milliseconds or as long as about 100 ms. Typical effects can be damage to the electronics or loss of programs and data in computer memories. Many events can cause the surges, including lightning that strikes the power lines at a considerable distance from the home or office; necessary switching of transmission lines by the utilities; and rapid connections or disconnections of large loads, such as air conditioners and motors, from the power line, or even other appliances in the home. Lightning is perhaps the most common.

The suppressor acts to limit the peak voltage applied to the electronic device to a level that normally will not cause either damage to the device or software problems in the computers. The device may include a pilot light, a fuse, a clipping circuit, resistors, and a main switch. The clipper circuit is the principal item, and the design of this portion is usually proprietary information. See Fuse (electricity)

surge suppressor

A device that provides protection against power surges. See surge suppression.
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While it is very important that a surge suppressor be capable of suppressing short duration impulses resembling and including those generated by lightning activity, it is equally if not more important for the suppressor to perform well as it suppresses long duration transients as well.
UPS and surge suppressors offer safeguards against catastrophic events such as burned-out motherboards, and keep computers operating at least long enough to prevent data loss.
Properly sized and pre-charged to 50% of the operating pressure, the surge suppressor will accomplish two tasks.
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A surge suppressor, however, is helpful in protecting delicate computer electronics from smaller but much more common surges that inadvertently emanate from other office machines or household appliances and from surges caused when the power comes back on after an outage.
For true protection a surge suppressor should feature at least three MOVs, connected between line and neutral, line and ground, and neutral to ground.
The packaging on the surge suppressor usually lists these figures.
With a surge suppressor, you can be sure of one thing: the price of the equipment is still incomparably low considering the damage overvoltage may cause," said Christian Bertrand, Regional Director, Business Development & Support, APC - ME & Turkey.
Therefore, we install a device called a surge suppressor on each conductor.
The new Surge-Trap[R] Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) line features a patented, thermally protected MOV providing point-of-use overvoltage protection.
Tenders are invited for Power Contactor 38 Amps, 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Pole Ac 3 Duty Operating Coil Voltage 110 V Dc 77-137 With Surge Suppressor Diode 77 V -150 Dc And Auxillary Contact Block Front Mounting 1 No And 1 Nc Age Contactor Ls18k00 Dc 110 V Cat.