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Among the proposals of the Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Human Fertilisation and Embryology which were put into effect by the relevant legislation in 1990 was that commercial surrogate motherhood agreements and agencies should be illegal.
The issue of surrogate motherhood shows this very clearly, giving value to birth by bringing it into the marketplace.
Judging his data too old to be entirely useful in the emerging world of surrogate motherhood, he admits "it is difficult to determine the conditions under which the results reported here can be generalized to a more contemporary American setting" (203).
Wilkinson has similar concerns about surrogate motherhood and genetic testing.
In a major ruling concerning surrogate motherhood, custody of a baby born to a surrogate mother was awarded to the father.
ETHICAL ISSUES DR KATHLEEN DIXON (Center for Biomedical Ethics, CWRU School of Medicine): Any treatment of the ethics of surrogate motherhood must begin with a frank acknowledgment of the tremendous sensitivity of the issues surrogacy represents.
At technology's leading edge, however, are such emotion-laden issues as surrogate motherhood and in vitro fertilization (IVF).
Surely after this season's wrenching news of child abuse, parricide, racial brutality and surrogate motherhood, we, too, the dutiful consumers of current events, are entitled to reap what amusement we can from the spectacle of Falwell challenging a girlie magazine's depiction of his late mother.
The only solution is to ban surrogate motherhood on a national level and put stringent punishment to the offenders, especially the intermediaries.
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The contributors write within a political/feminist context, looking at biological as well as adoptive and surrogate motherhood, single and coupled motherhood, and step-motherhood, in addition to abortion and the decision not to become a mother.