surveillance approach

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surveillance approach

[sər′vā·ləns ə‚prōch]
An instrument approach conducted according to directions issued by a controller using information which appears on the surveillance radar display.

surveillance approach (ASR)

An instrument approach in which a radar controller provides navigational guidance in azimuth only. The airport surveillance radar (ASR) furnishes the pilot headings to fly to align the aircraft with the extended centerline of the landing runway. Considering the lower accuracy levels of the surveillance approach versus a precision approach, higher minimums apply. The ASR cannot provide guidance in elevation to the pilot but it does advise him or her when to commence the descent to the minimum descent altitude (MDA) or, if appropriate, to an intermediate stepdown fix, minimum-crossing altitude, and subsequently to the prescribed MDA. In addition, it advises the pilot of the location of the missed approach point (MAP) prescribed for the procedure and the aircraft's position each mile on the final approach to the runway, airport, heliport, or MAP, as appropriate. If the pilot requests it, recommended altitudes are issued at each mile, based on the descent gradient established for the procedure, down to the last mile that is at or above the MDA. Normally, the ASR provides navigational guidance until the aircraft reaches the MAP. Controllers will terminate guidance and instruct the pilot to execute a missed approach unless at the MAP the pilot has the runway, airport, or heliport in sight or, for a helicopter point-in-space approach, the prescribed visual reference with the surface is established. Also, if at any time during the approach the controller considers that safe guidance for the remainder of the approach cannot be provided, he or she will terminate guidance and instruct the pilot to execute a missed approach. Similarly, guidance termination and the missed approach will be effected upon pilot request. For civil aircraft only, controllers may terminate guidance when the pilot reports the runway, airport, heliport, or visual surface route (point-in-space approach) is in sight or other-wise indicates that continued guidance is not required. Radar service is automatically terminated at the completion of a radar approach.
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However, surveillance approaches can legitimately still be offered to all patients.
However, differences in established guidelines (which often do not translate into uniform practice) will potentially lead to significant variation in surveillance approaches. For example, guidelines written by the Children's Oncology Group (COG) [8], National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) [9], and European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) [10], which are all based on consensus opinion, vary slightly with regard to the optimal timing for DS, with pediatric protocols showing more concern for cumulative radiation exposure (Table 1).
After checking and re-checking associated switches several times, he requested a surveillance approach to align with the runway despite the weather.
Fifty percent would be very concerned if the government were using this surveillance approach and even more, 68 percent, if marketing firms were doing so.
Additionally, the LCI curve has been extended for pools with LCI beyond 900, and an alternative loss analysis based on Fitch's surveillance approach is considered for pools with loan-level expected losses greater than 6%, irrespective of pool type or concentration.
Second, EIP contributed to a more standardized surveillance approach by providing definitions for case types: community-associated (no health care risk factors), health care-associated community-onset (within 3 days of hospital admission), and hospital-onset (18).
So, we would fly a surveillance approach to minimums, into a glowing orange and brown sunset of a dust storm, to a dusty runway, surrounded by, well, dirt.
The surveillance approach chosen by state and local health departments varied and depended on local conditions, information needs, number of facilities providing health-care services, feasibility of implementation, and overall surveillance capacity (e.g., staffing and communications) (3-5).
On base leg, the ship called for a descent to 600 feet for a surveillance approach, at which time the TACAN started spinning.
A limitation of this syndromic surveillance approach is the lack of laboratory confirmation of diagnosis after surveillance signals have been generated.
By limiting testing to those patients who had positive influenza A test results (unless patients were in the ICU), our surveillance approach systematically undercounted hospitalized patients with pandemic (H1N1) 2009.
"This will be a surveillance approach to runway 02, circle to land 20, MDA is 580 feet."

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