survey method

survey method

a social science research technique using QUESTIONNAIRES and their analysis using various QUANTITATIVE and statistical techniques (see also SOCIAL SURVEY). In sociology the survey method is used for two main reasons:
  1. to describe a population and examine its principal characteristics, e.g. age, sex occupation, attitudes, etc.; and
  2. to test HYPOTHESES and examine the relationship between VARIABLES.

The main problems with the survey method include:

  1. the technique is non-experimental, i.e. the researcher cannot usually control the conditions under which the research is conducted;
  2. researchers have to rely upon what RESPONDENTS tell them unless they are able to verify their findings with direct observations;
  3. the technique is atomistic, i.e. it examines individuals rather than whole communities.

Nevertheless, the survey method does have much to recommend it. It provides a cheap and relatively easy way to obtain a considerable amount of simply quantifiable data, which can be used to test and verify sociological hypotheses and identify further areas of research.

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02 Contract Notice (below OJEU threshold): The council require the services of a company to provide thermal imaging both via the traditional survey method for low rise blocks as well as by aerial drone for multi storey blocks.
Pearson chi-square and Fisher's exact test were used to compare the proportions of affirmative answers obtained by each survey method, stratified by gender and marital status, yielding four demographic groups--married men, unmarried men, married women and unmarried women.
The company was chosen based on the mystery shopping survey method.
From April, the office changed its survey method to mail from direct-visit and self-completed questionnaire, while increasing the number of targeted households to 8,400 from 6,720.
A new survey method developed by engineers at the University of Nottingham has provided the first detailed insights into the impact of historical mining on rural British landscapes.
To determine if densities differed with respect to the survey method (FLIR vs helicopter) or season (SNOW vs NO SNOW), we fitted a linear mixed model where the response variable was the deer density for each survey (plot and replicate), and survey method, season and the interaction were fixed effects.
Survey method using an enveloping measurement surface over a reflecting plane.
The result indicated that survey method did not contribute to incompleteness, inconsistency, or identical answers (p = .
Tracer methodology is a new survey method to be used starting January 1, 2004 not instead of, but in addition to, other survey methods.
If data on sales are collected using survey techniques, there is also the possibility of random error attributable to the survey method, just as resting has random error.
Referring to the ubiquitous survey method applied to evaluating facilities today, Crosson asked, "Are we using the tight scorecard to convey quality and customer satisfaction?
Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA) is a biodiversity survey method developed by The Nature Conservancy to provide comprehensive and reliable information about biodiversity resources in situations where time and financial resources are limited.

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