survey station

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1. A definite point on the earth whose location has been determined by surveying methods.
2. A point on a survey traverse over which an instrument is placed.
3. On a survey traverse, a length of 100 ft measured on a given line—broken, straight, or curved.
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Instead of waiting for the participants to come to the survey station, as was intended initially and used at the end of the first session, the survey was taken to the volunteers inside the auditorium while they were gathered for the final presentation and reflective debriefing.
They were composed of 20 survey stations at 1.6 km intervals along little traveled dirt or gravel roads that were drivable at survey times.
The work was done from one camp only, using motor toboggans to reach all of his survey stations, and the diet had changed from meat bars to steak and eggs.
(Dual frequency remote units also had an auxiliary back section with separate klystron oscillator and triode power amplifier and related cabling.) Other remote party equipment included a mounting tripod, a petrol generator for battery charging, a spare 12 volt battery, a high frequency radio transceiver, clinometer, prismatic compass, plumb-bobs, box measuring-tape, field books, survey station summaries, measuring scheme diagram, protractor, and ruler, as well as a mechanism barometer and a psychrometer.
The test field was surveyed in a local coordinate system using the 3D forward intersection method from a survey station. The station was made of concrete pillars with forced centring.
2 where the 'survey stations' share the same conditions (same length, same section width, same degree of slope etc.), but are preceded and succeeded by different degrees of tortuousness.
The index of local bottom slope was calculated for each trawl survey station by using bathymetry maps with depth contours in 100-m increments from 0 to 2000 m (derived from ETOPO2 gridded elevation data,
2006) throughout each 1000 ft fish survey station to characterize stream physical characteristics.
Among the first to congratulate the 56-year-old circumnavigator was Russian Vice Premier Sergey Ivanov, currently on a visit to the Russian Novolazarevskaya Antarctic Survey station to watch tests of the new GLONASS satellite position system (a Russian version of GPS).
You get the angles you need on the display of the tool directly after recovery from survey station.
CATI systems can either randomly generate a telephone number and dial it, or can be programmed with a list of randomly selected telephone numbers and will dial up those numbers for each telephone-site-licensed survey station on the network.

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