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The imaginary part of the admittance of an alternating-current circuit.

The admittance, Y, of an alternating current circuit is a complex number given by Eq. (1). The imaginary part, B, is the susceptance.

The units of susceptance like those of admittance are called siemens or mhos. Susceptance may be either positive or negative. For example, the admittance of a capacitor C at frequency &ohgr; is given by Eq. (2), and so B is positive. For an inductor L, the admittance is given by Eq. (3), and so B is negative. (2)  (3) 

In general, the susceptance of a circuit may depend on the resistors as well as the capacitors and inductors. For example, the circuit in the illustration has impedance given by Eq. (4) and admittance given by Eq. (5), so that the susceptance, given by Eq. (6), depends on the resistor R as well as the inductor L. (4)  (5)  (6)  See Admittance, Electrical impedance

Circuit with a resistor and inductor in seriesenlarge picture
Circuit with a resistor and inductor in series


The imaginary component of admittance.
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Thus, for each phase of the load, nth harmonic unbalanced conductance [mathematical expression not reproducible] and nth harmonic unbalanced susceptance [mathematical expression not reproducible] values can be found as;
The lumped element values of the dual-band M/N are derived from the reactances and susceptances of two single band T-type M/Ns.
In this equivalent circuit, which can easily be drawn for any numbers of ports (modes), unlike other recently discussed equivalent circuits [8], an evanescent mode is represented by an evanescent line of electrical length [theta] connected with a series reactance equal to the conjugate of the modal (reactive) impedance and a transformer that links the modal port to the "core" of the circuit, based on an n-sides polygon with susceptances placed on every side and diagonal.
3, the conductance and susceptance as a function of carbon black concentration for annealed composites are plotted.
Cohn [26] attempted to model the boundary effects as a shunt susceptance to extract the refractive index of a medium composed of an arrangement of conducting obstacles.
For implementing single-sided filters as a microstrip circuit, a distributed resonator must be identified which approximates the required frequency behavior of the susceptance B, as given by Equation 1.
r] correlated with the occurrence of the receiver susceptance,
The inter digital external coupled-lines are represented by two transmission lines at the two sides and a J-inverter susceptance with a via in the middle.
The latter case is generated by extremely enhanced J-inverter susceptance.
Step 1: Determine the required normalized susceptance slope
Figure 5 is a sketch of one of the three-port components, which is composed of a microstrip probe and a metallic iris whose function is to bring the input conductance of the three-port component to unity and to cancel any residual susceptance [6].