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Because the picture of G demonstrates the characteristic swallow tail behaviour, there is a first-order transition in the system.
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY IDEAS NORFOLK BROADS: Swallow tail (01603 308108) offers a converted windmill at Reedham with two double bedrooms for pounds 423 for seven nights' self-catering.
Moreover, the P - [r.sub.+] oscillatory behavior and the classical "swallow tail" characterizing the first-order phase transition are controlled by the parameter [epsilon], instead of the temperature T, which is clearly shown in Figure 1.
An insecure van parked at Swallow Tail Drive had tools and a sat nav stolen from inside.
Look out for Doris Longwing, Red Spotted Swallow Tail, Tiger Leaf Wing and Tropical Blue Wave.
The Flying Cloud was owned by the US company Grinnell, Minturn & Co - better known as the Swallow Tail Line.
Both the systems share the same oscillatory behavior in pressure volume graph and swallow tail behavior in Gibbs free energy temperature (pressure) graph.
Arthur Alder, 50, of Swallow Tail Court, South Shields.