swallow tail

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dovetail, 2
dovetail, 1
1. A splayed tenon, shaped like a dove’s tail, broader at its end than at its base.
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Grinnell's was split into the Blue Swallow Tail Line serving Liverpool and the Red Swallow Tail Line operating to London.
We have a February 09 bitch called Swallow Tail who we like a lot but she's just come into season.
Malayan Lace Wing, Banded Peacock Swallow Tail and Malachite butterflies sit on an enlarged version a new first class stamp, featuring an Adonis Blue butterfly from the Royal Mail's new Insects stamp series at London Zoo
The nightingale, swallow tail, yellow tail, blue tail
Swallow Tail Holiday Homes have a wide range of good-quality self-catering cottages, houses and even a lighthouse and windmill in stunning locations across Norfolk.
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY IDEAS NORFOLK BROADS: Swallow tail (01603 308108) offers a converted windmill at Reedham with two double bedrooms for pounds 423 for seven nights' self-catering.