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1. any of various butterflies of the genus Papilio and related genera, esp P. machaon of Europe, having a tail-like extension of each hind wing: family Papilionidae
2. the forked tail of a swallow or similar bird



(Papilio machaon) a butterfly of the family Papilionidae. The swallowtail is yellow with black markings. Its wingspread reaches 9 cm. It is found in Europe and the temperate regions of Asia and northern Africa, emerging at the beginning of summer and, in southern regions, at the end of summer (the second generation). It winters in the pupal stage. The caterpillar is green with black cross stripes and orange-yellow spots. It develops on plants of the families Umbelliferae and Rutaceae. It feeds on carrots, but damage is usually insignificant.

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The spicebush swallowtail butterfly is a frequent visitor to Mississippi gardens, and its unparalleled beauty is worthy of the recognition given by the schoolchildren of Mississippi.
The black swallowtails feed on herbs like dill and parsley before forming a chrysalis and emerging in adult form, while the monarchs feed on milkweed, which Christie harvests each day.
Description: They are commonly known as black swallowtail butterfly, forewings, generally they are black in appearance, forewings are completely black with light yellow streaks making a thin band on upper side.
A close-up of the head of a swallowtail butterfly Daniel Saftner, Macroscopic Solu
A black Swallowtail poses for Gail Johnson at her home in Georgia.
Six other recently documented, but rare species for Alabama, are also discussed: Appalachian tiger swallowtail, Hessel's hairstreak, brown elfin, white-checkered skipper, broad-winged skipper, and cobweb skipper.
Washington, Nov 22 (ANI): The ingenious engineering of the brilliant blue wings of the mountain swallowtail (Papilio ulysses) have inspired engineers to design a new water-repellent surface.
TOKYO - A team of Japanese researchers successfully collected five specimens of a rare species of giant swallowtail butterfly in Bhutan in August, the first confirmed sighting in almost 80 years, the researchers said recently.
Two such projects are the "Satoyama, Okuyama (deep mountains), Living Creature Project", which enacts ecological surveys and conservational activities for animals such as the Gifu swallowtail butterfly, the Asiatic black bear and the dormouse; and the "Tree-planting Project", under which trees have been planted on a hillside made barren with soil excavated from a tunnel dug for the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway.
Also at Saltwater Court are the four-bedroom Anthius and Swallowtail designs which also come with garages.
To illustrate this process, the wing colors of male and female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflies, Papilio glaucus L.
Equally exotic are their monickers, like Scarlet Swallowtail, Moon Moth Of India and Blue Peacock, while what the Postman Butterfly lacks in name is made up for by its glorious crimson and black appearance.