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1. any of various butterflies of the genus Papilio and related genera, esp P. machaon of Europe, having a tail-like extension of each hind wing: family Papilionidae
2. the forked tail of a swallow or similar bird
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(Papilio machaon) a butterfly of the family Papilionidae. The swallowtail is yellow with black markings. Its wingspread reaches 9 cm. It is found in Europe and the temperate regions of Asia and northern Africa, emerging at the beginning of summer and, in southern regions, at the end of summer (the second generation). It winters in the pupal stage. The caterpillar is green with black cross stripes and orange-yellow spots. It develops on plants of the families Umbelliferae and Rutaceae. It feeds on carrots, but damage is usually insignificant.

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Leaving the sanctuary, I was triply blessed: in the successful hunt for a giant swallowtail, in the flower and the shorebirds I'd never thought of seeing, and in the rich texture of memories into which they'd all been woven.
As a result, swallowtails' ability to actively control the aerodynamic force of their wings is limited and their body motion is a passive reaction to the simple flapping motion, and not - as common in other types of butterfly - an active reaction to aerodynamics.
Ken hopes to claim the lighthouse's lamp for Swallowtail. The tower still serves as a beacon of safety for sailors caught in tidal rips, and a functional fog horn proves to be an essential instrument in these parts.
Sheppard, "A Further Report on the Genetics of the Machaon Group of Swallowtail Butterflies," Evolution, vol.
A fraction of the area where its mane should be is obscured by the almost cumulous "aura" of a swallowtail butterfly floating toward the upper left diagonal of the picture.
A gorgeous butterfly of deciduous woods, the spicebush swallowtail is black with a row of yellow spots and a touch of iridescent blue on its hind wings.
Caption: The butterfly habitat at Hood's Do it Best Hardware in Wyandotte, Michigan, takes monarch and black swallowtail butterflies from their early caterpillar stage (top left) to full maturation (bottom left).
For my efforts, I'm rewarded with daily sightings like the Tiger Swallowtail that's pictured here.
(Yes, I did say a bird dropping.) So too does the caterpillar of the giant swallowtail butterfly, which even appears to be fresh, wet, and therefore disgustingly unappealing.
angels flapping swallowtail wings, spitting venom into each other's
Description: It is commonly known is lemon butterfly, citrus butterfly or citrus swallowtail, though it does not have tail like other swallowtail butterflies, its larvae attack on citrus gardens and is considered as invasive pest.
Some of the animals described in the song include the dolphin, the white-tailed deer, a Mockingbird in a magnolia tree, a mother black bass and her children four, a mother wood duck and five ducklings, a swallowtail family in the coreopsis, an alligator family in the swampland, a catfish family in a pond, a red fox family in a forest of pine, and a hive of honeybees.