sweat lodge

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sweathouse, sweat lodge

1. A structure used for sweating of tobacco.
2. An American Indian structure heated by steam produced by pouring water on hot stones, and used for therapeutic sweating or ritual.
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In addition, Palm Partners holistic approach offers a personal development track that encompasses massage, recreational opportunities, yoga, sweat lodges, exercise, and board breaking.
We sat shirtless in a circle in the sweat lodge with hot rocks in the center.
My own doctoral research in counseling psychology studied the use of the sweat lodge ceremony as group therapy for Navajo youth with disruptive behavior disorders.
The sweat lodge for each group of twenty-four campers lasts around twenty minutes.
The sweat lodge ceremony is a traditional purification ceremony that incorporates traditional singing, prayer, counseling, and sharing similar to a talking circle.
A hazardous-materials team was sent into the sweat lodge to test for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other contaminants but found nothing out of the ordinary, Doerksen said according to the Arizona Republic.
Rob: There was one lady who spent four or five hours in a giant sauna called the sweat lodge.
For "A Voyage Long and Strange," Horowitz visited an Indian sweat lodge in subarctic Canada, traveled down the Mississippi in a canoe and wore 60 pounds of armor as a conquistador re-enactor in Florida.
I carried the last rock, dug from glowing coals, to the sweat lodge where six Indians waited.
The day that the unity ride begins, those involved will hold a sweat lodge ceremony for the purpose of helping the ride to go well for those people taking part.
A separate boat shed doubles as guest cabin, while a log sauna to the west of the house was renovated to provide a sweat lodge, where the cares of city life can be sensuously expunged.