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sweathouse, sweat lodge

1. A structure used for sweating of tobacco.
2. An American Indian structure heated by steam produced by pouring water on hot stones, and used for therapeutic sweating or ritual.
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The concept of sacred time and space has been expanded to include our campfires, where music and stories are used, and our end-of-camp Native American-style sweat lodge.
These are the places where sweat lodges are constructed because, for traditional Native peoples, the place itself holds great spiritual power and significance in which to have healing take place in a proper way.
In the sweat lodge he cried for himself and prayed hard for the ability to forgive himself.
Temple 420's tenets stem from Rubin's Jewish childhood, conversion to Christianity and experience taking peyote in American-Indian sweat lodges.
Other chapters cover sweat lodges, painted tipis, and building a tipi.
He has worked with youth in sweat lodges and with traditional medicine for 10 years.
We want to hold a ceremony, have blessings, have sweat lodges.
But, comparisons with other ancient settlements produced the theory the mounds, which were found next to streams, were originally sweat lodges or saunas.
Sweat lodges have been used by native Americans for at least a thousand years and were their main treatment for diseases including pleurisy, influenza, poisonous bites and rheumatism.
Ian Armit, senior lecturer in archaeology at Queen's University, Belfast, who led an investigation into one of the sites on North Uist, said: "Some people believe these mounds were used in a similar way to Red Indian sweat lodges or saunas.
On the East Coast, spa visitors are more likely to run into bird watching and horse-drawn sleigh rides than the trendy treatments with heated rocks and lemongrass-scented sweat lodges favored out west.
Since then, Edmunds also has assisted in the placement of sweat lodges at four other correctional facilities.