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sweathouse, sweat lodge

1. A structure used for sweating of tobacco.
2. An American Indian structure heated by steam produced by pouring water on hot stones, and used for therapeutic sweating or ritual.
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Visitors can explore the land, which contains fields of wildflowers bordered by pine forests and the Blaeberry, One of the tepees and a sweathouse are engulfed in lupine, Indian paintbrush, ladyslipper orchids, wild roses, fireweed and star-flowered false Solomon's seal.
But how is this greater hunger--this need to nourish ourselves--assuaged in an environment that, for many of us, resembles a sweathouse (Langford, 1999)?
It will be back to the Breen sweathouse tomorrow afternoon.
It appears in the chapter on religion, which notes that hunters prayed to bears in the sweathouse prior to hunting them, requesting the bear to deliver itself to them.