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see sweating systemsweating system,
method of exploiting labor by supplying materials to workers and paying by the piece (see piecework) for work done on those materials in the workers' homes or in small workshops (sweatshops).
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Just before opening Sweatshop in Fall 2011 at age 30, Young was the pioneering director of competition teams at the Academy of Colorado Ballet.
What the vast majority of sweatshop workers want, as shown by interviews, is more money, not better working conditions.
Making a statement using these sweatshop T-shirts is appalling FAYZAL ALLY BEEGUN of garment makers' union62p hourly rate apparently paid to workers in the clothing factory
Scottish head instructor Miki Lee Dale said: "Unlike the traditional Bikram Yoga which runs for 90 minutes with the same set of 26 postures, the modern take at Sweatshop changes the sequence to introduce variety and cover a wider range of body parts.
I dread to think that my summer top may be made by some exhausted person toiling away for hours in some sweatshop abroad.
The infusion of foreign capital and technology did not allow the United States to skip the stage of sweatshop development, however.
To support the Sweatshop Free Warwick Uni Campaign go to www.
On the theoretical level, scholars have questioned whether the background conditions necessary for textbook economics to work are present in sweatshop labor markets, and they have attempted to identify economic mechanisms that may not make the sweatshop labor demand curve downward sloping (Arnold and Bowie, 2003, 2007; Arnold and Hartman, 2005, 2006; Arnold, 2010; Miller, 2003; Pollin et al.
The plant in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China, made small appliances in sweatshop conditions for Hamilton Beach, Sunbeam, Proctor Silex and Revlon behind barbed wire fences in the town of Qing-Xi.
The sweatshop is a workshop, usually in 'lesser third world countries', which is usually full of people; but what makes the sweatshop different is that it employs the most vulnerable of people and then uses that to its advantage.
The Dallas Cowboys and Ohio State University and Wal-Mart are implicated in a sweatshop scandal, producing their licensed goods at an illegal sweatshop in El Salvador, where women are just paid pennies per garment and stripped of their rights, said the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, Oct.
The CCC, like the global anti sweatshop movement generally, was also built on new identities, particularly among Northern youth who intuited new forms of global citizenship.