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1. A tool or die used to shape metal.
2. A tool for setting the teeth on a saw by bending one tooth at a time to the proper angle.
3. To shape metal by the use of a swage, 1.
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"Seems kinder unneighbourly to let 'em swedge off like this," Salters suggested, feeling in his pockets.
For years, I replaced the cord that came with the arrow rest with my old bicycle cables and attached them to the limb with swedges. I no longer do this, because several years ago AAE came out with a very fine, small-diameter, plastic-coated, steel cable that is included with its dropaway rests (you can also buy it separately to use with other brands of rests).
The head (or hammer) strikes upon an anvil beneath, both anvil and hammer being grooved to admit the insertion of pieces of hardened steel, called 'swedges,' so fashioned on their inner surfaces that when they are driven forcibly together, the lump of heated iron or steel between them must take a determinate shape.