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1. A tool or die used to shape metal.
2. A tool for setting the teeth on a saw by bending one tooth at a time to the proper angle.
3. To shape metal by the use of a swage, 1.
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And I am all alone!' He bound them into a neat packet, swedging down the stiff, sticky oilskin at the comers, for his roving life had made him as methodical as an old hunter in matters of the road.
Then we prepared the pipes by swedging (swaging) a couple of steps in them using the Arbor Press (swaging reduces the diameter of a pipe by squeezing or hammering).
Those techniques also "cold work" the pipe ends which produces longitudinal stress risers in the "bell" as a result of the swedging operation.
A worker training program was implemented as part of this project that began with a seminar on swedging and shaping, alignment of teeth, leveling, and tensioning of the equipment.
Accudyne's capabilities include: "through-hole insertion; wave soldering; encapsulation; staking, swedging, crimping, and welding"; "dry-film lubrication"; and "hazardous-component assembly." Land mines appear to belong to the "hazardous-component assembly" category.