sweet flag

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sweet flag:

see arumarum,
common name for the Araceae, a plant family mainly composed of species of herbaceous terrestrial and epiphytic plants found in moist to wet habitats of the tropics and subtropics; some are native to temperate zones.
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Propolis, cinnamon, and cloves were involved only in particular synergistic interactions, while sweet flag, dog rose, and oregano related only to some antagonistic interactions.
An extract of sweet flag (Acorus calamus), especially in combination with an extract of turmeric (Curcuma longa) or pine (Pinus sp.), has been effective against yellow-fever mosquitoes.
Key words: Acorus calamus, sweet flag, Azadirachta indica, neem, Curcuma longa, turmeric, Sitotroga cerealella, growth inhibition, botanical pesticides
Marginals: Arrowhead, Cattail, Horsetail, Iris, Lobelia, Marsh Marigold, Papyrus/Umbrella Plant, Rush, Sedge, Sweet Flag, Water Canna, Water Hibiscus, Water Hyssop, and Water Parsley.
And that doesn't even count the spin-offs focusing on musicals, dance, youth theatre and cabaret, or Broun's plans to plant the Short + Sweet flag in London, Paris and New York.
Adapt the idea If your yard doesn't have enough sun for thyme, tuck Corsican mint or Japanese sweet flag between your steps or pavers; both have scented foliage.
The list goes on: coriander for cramps, sweet flag for digestive disorders, baheraa for respiratory problems.
Sweet flag Acorus calamus is a native of Asia and North America, is known as Vacha in Sanskrit and Vasampu in Tamil.
"We use some really wonderful plants from India in this preparation such as asparagus, sweet flag, Indian valerian, winter cherry, khus-khus grass, cardamom and sandalwood oil.
Contrast upright plants like sweet flag (Acorus calamus) with arrowhead, and float a water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) on the surface of the water.
Sweet flag swales: Along the northern bank of the Little Blue River in Unit 1, a raised ridge separates the present river channel from a former river bed now occupied by dense stands of sweet flag (Acorus calamus).
If you have an ailment, a group of historically used herbs to suit your needs might consist of: yarrow, oxknee, sweet flag, calamus, snow on the mountain, hyssop, lady's mantel, garden chive, marsh mallow, lemon verbena, chamomile, American arnica, mugwort, French tarragon, pleurisy root, New England aster, false indigo, wild indigo, calendula, German chamomile, costmary, black cohosh, coneflower, rattlesnake master, hemp agrimony, Joe pye weed, Queen of the Meadow, bronze fennel, sweet woodruff, lady bedstraw, bigfoot geranium, ginkgo tree, Russian licorice, Japanese blood grass, chameleon plant, St.