sweet gum

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sweet gum:

see witch hazelwitch hazel,
common name for some members of the Hamamelidaceae, a family of trees and shrubs found mostly in Asia. The family includes the large genus (Corylopsis) of winter hazels, and the witch hazels (genus Hamamelis), sweet gums (Liquidambar
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sweet gum

sweet gum

Tree up to 120 ft (40m) with very pointy-looking maple-type leaves that smell like pine when rubbed. Fruits are strange spiky balls (not edible). Bark is the part you want- it has a resinous gum in it’s cracks, and is chewed like chewing gum (similar to pine resin) Contains Shikimic acid, which stops flu viruses from reproducing- highest levels in infertile seeds (the yellow ones without wings). B-vitamins, colds, throat, bowel/colon, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, ringworm. Expectorant (helps clear mucus), anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. Inner bark and resin are used. If no resin is seen, cut to the inner bark and let sap run out and harden. The leaves have been used also, but are high in tannins. Best to soak several times or steam them to help remove tannins.


1. A moderately high-density hardwood of the eastern and southern US; whitish to gray-green in color and of uniform texture; used for low-grade veneer, plywood, and rough cabinet work.
2. Any of a class of colloidal substances that are soluble or swell in water, exuded by or prepared from plants; sticky when moist.
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The proportions oviposited in pines and sweet gums were comparable among years (64.
Contains both upland oak-hickory forest, plus a very high quality bottomland stand dominated by tulip tree, sweet gum, sycamore, red maple, and elm (Jackson 1969a, b).
It is used in solid lumber as well as veneer form, and sweet gum is a favorite of marquetry artists, according to Albert Constantine Jr.
I'd like to hear from anyone who has successfully eradicated regrowth of sweet gum trees.
In southern areas, sweet gum makes a beautiful addition to a wetland.
One-third of each agricultural bay will be planted with loblolly pine, redbud, and sweet gum trees, to demonstrate how the forests-and the timber industry-of the Southeast would hold up under increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide.
Sometimes colour is relatively short-lived although another autumn beauty the Sweet Gum (Liquidambar styraciflua) spins this out by progressing from a dull plumb toscarlet with other tints in between.
Best of the Bunch Sweet gums FOR the ultimate example of trees producing autumn foliage colour, the Sweet Gum, Liquidambar styraciflua, has to take top prize.
Through the leaf-strewn yard of autumn-- oak, hickory and sweet gum, maple and persimmon-- I hear roughly the same hush under boot, and the snap of dry twigs.
Replacement trees for those lost will include ornamentals, evergreens such as white fir, and hardwoods including oaks, linden, honey locust, tulip and sweet gum - but not the maples that the beetle so loves, said Kenneth A.
Forest Service smoke jumper) brought seeds from a Loblolly pine, sycamore, sweet gum, redwood, and Douglas fir on the mission to the moon.