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The discovery of a sweet oil reservoir of such proportions...
The salad was an excellent mix of greens with tomato, onions, olives, cucumber and grated Gorgonzola cheese with a light, sweet oil and vinegar dressing.
Williams's earlier tantrums, flag-related or not, had prompted former prime minister Paul Martin--facing the 2004 election--to grant Newfoundland and Nova Scotia ridiculously sweet oil revenue deals.
Over the years, several grandmothers and aunties whom I've met have spoken highly of sweet oil. For years, I did not have a clue as to what was meant by sweet oil, but I now understand that it's a term used to describe aromatic oil.
The sweet chilli packed a throat-catching punch while the rather thick combination of peanuts, cucumber, onions and a light sweet oil was a little on the bland side and didn't add much to the food.
The current production is 25bbls/d of light sweet oil from three wells drilled in the mid/late 1970s and is currently generating sufficient revenue to cover operational costs.
"It could weaken the price of Brent-linked crudes as traders were expecting India to buy sweet oil for its SPR.
A HANDFUL of new East Coast terminals that will pump Bakken and other crude from trains onto barges may end demand for imported light, sweet oil in the US Northeast, the latest twist in the shale revolution that is reshaping the market.
However, North America now produces far more light, sweet oil - which is easier to refine - than was originally anticipated.
light, sweet oil to customers in Nederland, Texas from a hub in Cushing, Oklahoma on early Wednesday.
The sweet oil production facility is being designed for 30,000 bopd and is expected to start up in the third quarter.